1 º BUY: You buy in Spain. The prices of the website have charged the 18 % I.V.A., obligatory in Spain.

2 º.-Shipping cost:  for information of the shipping cost of your zone, please consults the paragraph in the menu of the left side, "SHIPPING COST".

3 .- Return Policy: All returns costs are charged to the customer, except for sending a wrong or defective product, which will be in charge of Animotos PARTS, SL . We do not accept the return of an item whose original packing, has been open and correspond of the parts that you have ordered, except for the causes described in this section, and the section 4th..

4 .- Product Warranty: All products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects according to law for the spain, the guarantee does not cover wear and tear for the use, bumps, scratches, improper assembly, incorrect using, or breakage of any component either directly attached or indirectly to the article covered by the guarantee. the guarantee do not cover, the galling in cylinder / piston or connecting rod, crankshaft, as this may be attributable to other factors like a bad carbureted, different spark plug from that recommended, or not recommended lubricants.
The acceptance or rejection of an item under warranty must be authorized by the manufacturer. So in case of defect or problem in one piece, we send the piece to the manufacturer for them to determine if the item is defective and whether or not to replace the item. The guarantee  of racing parts(not approved) shall be limited solely to replacement of the piece covered by the guarantee, is not covered by the  guarantee, the work or costs for installation for the replacement of the racing parts under warranty. ANIMOTOS PARTS, SL, only is a distributor, no manufacturer of parts, so if you accept when ordering, you accept that the only liable for giving or refusing a warranty, is the manufacturer of the defective part.

4 .- Delivery: See the menu on the left section SHIPPING COST

5 .- Cancellation of the contract / order: If we do not have the piece or pieces, that you have requested, we will inform you by e-mail no later than 24 hours, of the period of delay to the receipt of your order, if you do not agree with the delay, you can cancel the order if you want.
 You can also cancel your order, you must inform us within 12 hours after you submit your order online. The cancellation must apply by E-Mail, for this mail infopedidos-animotos@wanadoo.es to cancel you must enter your name and order number, which appears in the copy of order that have received in your e-mail.

6 .- Refund of amount paid: In case of cancellation by your order, we will refund the amount you paid, by the same method of payment you chose to make the order, no later than 5 days.

7 .- CARD PAYMENTS: If payment is made by credit card, you declare to be of age and be the owner for the credit card, and authorize ANIMOTOS PARTS, SL, to make the charge in the same  for the total amount or partial of your order.

when making the order, declare that I have read, understood, and agree to all terms of sale expressed.